Sunday 8 January 2012


If you are reading this then thank you for taking time to visit Beyond Infinity! my very own film blog. I've been dabbling with the idea of starting my own film blog for a while now; a place where I can vent any thoughts, opinions and reviews on films new and old, so here it finally is!

To briefly Introduce myself, my name is David Startup and I am a student of film at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. My ambitions in life are to work in the film industry in some way in the future, and I'm working hard to try to obtain these goals.

This blog is just a hobby for me, so how regularly I post on here will depend on how much time I have and when I am able to do so. If you do wish to follow this blog or read anything that I post on here then I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to join in the discussion in the comments section below each post to share your own thoughts and opinions. If you wish to contact me you can also do so via email at

Wish me luck! Welcome to Beyond Infinity!

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